Organizing Committee:

ACCGE chair
Kevin Zawilski (BAE)

ACCGE program chair
Carlos Rojo (GE)

OMVPE co-chairs and program co-chairs
Dan Koleske (Sandia) 
Oliver Pitts (NRC Canada)

Luis Zepeda (LLNL)

Local Arrangements 
Gregory Peake (Sandia)
Dan Koleske (Sandia)

Corporate Support 
Vince Fratello (Quest Integrated)
Candace Lynch (INRAD)

Government Support 
Edith Bourret-Courchesne (LBL)
David Bliss (CapeSym)
Lynn Boatner (Oak Ridge)

Industrial Exhibit 
Harry Niedecken (WirlNet Inc.)

ACCGE Proceedings 
Tania Paskova (North Carolina State University)
Catherine Caneau (retired)
Robert Feigelson (Stanford University)

AACG Awards 
Tom Kuech ( University of Wisconsin)
Jeffrey Derby (University of Minnesota)

Merry Koschan (University of Tennessee)

Photo Contest
Balaji Raghothamachar (Stony Brook University)

Secretariat and Website
Shoshana Nash (AACG)

Conference Planner 
Dori Nielsen (AACG)

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