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Big Sky, Montana, USA
August 2-7, 2015
Photo Contest
We are pleased to announce the ACCGE-20/OMVPE-17 Photo Contest sponsored by Journal of Crystal Growth.
Photographs portraying scientific, technical, or artistic aspects of crystals, crystal growth, or characterization are solicited. The photos will be displayed each day as a slide show in addition to being displayed in a prominent location at the meeting. Submissions will be voted on by conference attendees, who will be asked to judge entries placed in the following 3 categories:

1) Natural untouched micrographs or photographs 
2) Photographs including digital manipulation (and computational simulations)
3) Student microscopist/photographer

Judging and Awards 

At the ballot box, the images and associated text will be displayed for viewing and judging purposes. Winners will be announced during the Banquet and Awards Ceremony. First-place entries will receive an award and a prize of $150. If a student wins best entry in the other categories, they are only eligible for one prize. Winning photos will be published in the AACG newsletter.

Contest Rules 

1. The contest is open to all registered meeting attendees.
2. Contestants are allowed to submit one entry per category.
3. Entries must be submitted by email as a high resolution JPEG with a maximum size of 10MB. 
4. Please do not put text on the photo unless it is part of the image. 
5. In a separate text or Word file, please include the title, name(s), and affiliation(s) along with a description of the technical significance of the entry, and/or the artistry that it represents (50 words or less). Identify the appropriate category for judging (untouched micrograph or digitally modified). Student entries should be clearly noted.

Entries should be submitted by email to the photo contest organizer, Balaji Raghothamachar, by July 17, 2015. Please direct any questions or comments to the organizer:

Balaji Raghothamachar
Stony Brook University
Phone: 1 (631) 632-4183
Email:   balaji.raghothamachar@stonybrook.edu