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American Association for Crystal Growth
Officers and Executive Committee
Zakaria Al Balushi (University of California, Berkeley)
Robert Biefeld
Edith Bourret-Courchesne (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) 
Antoni Dabkowski 
Jeffrey Derby (University of Minnesota) 
James De Yoreo (PNNL)
Govindhan Dhanaraj (Pallidus, Inc.)
Partha Dutta (RPI)
Dirk Ehrentraut (SORAA)
Robert Feigelson (Stanford University) 
Ryan France (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
John Frank (Saint-Gobain Crystals)
Vincent Fratello (Quest Integrated, Inc.)
John Geisz (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Martin Glicksman (Florida Institute of Technology)
Jennifer Hite (USNRL)
Kenneth Jackson
David Joyce (Crystal Systems Innovations)
Merry Koschan (University of Tennessee)
Thomas Kuech (University of Wisconsin) 
Candace Lynch (Inrad Optics, Inc.)
Luke Mawst (University of Wisconsin)  
Irina Mnushkina  
Tania Paskova 
Siddha Pimputkar 
Balaji Raghothamachar (Stony Brook)
Joan Redwing (Pennsylvania State University)  
Kevin Schulte (NREL)
Peter Schunemann (BAE)
Peter Vekilov (University of Houston) 
Christine A. Wang (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) 
Kevin Zawilski (BAE Systems, Inc.)
Luis Zepeda (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Mariya Zhuravleva (University of Tennessee)

Section Presidents: 

David Kisailus
University of California - Riverside

Merry Koschan
University of Tennessee 

​Updated: 7-15-2021
The Association is guided by an Executive Committee (currently 36 members) made up of prominent members of the crystal growth/epitaxy community who are nominated and elected by the AACG membership to a six-year term of office. Elected Presidents of Regional and Local Sections are also members of the Executive Committee while they are in office. The Executive Committee serves in a legislative and advisory capacity to the executive officers of the Association. The officers of the organization are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They are members of the Executive Committee who are elected to a three-year term by the membership-at-large. In 1990, a national headquarters was established and the Executive Committee selected an Executive Administrator.

AACG members are also members of a regional and local section. Participation in local activities of active sections is encouraged. In addition to the regional section, AACG/West, currently active local sections include: Mid-Atlantic (MAS) covering New York and New Jersey, Northern California Crystal Growers (NCCG), New England (NES), and Capitol Chapter (CCCG).

Mariya Zhuravleva (University of Tennessee)

Vice President: 
Joan M. Redwing (Pennsylvania State University)

Luis Zepeda-Ruiz (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Merry Koschan (University of Tennessee)