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Big Sky, Montana, USA
August 2-7, 2015
Committee Contacts
Joan Redwing, Penn State University 
Email: jmr31@psu.edu  

Luke Mawst, University of Wisconsin 
Email: mawst@engr.wisc.edu  

Candace Lynch, Inrad Optics 
Email: candace.lynch@gmail.com  

Andrew Allerman, Sandia National Laboratory 
Email: aaaller@sandia.gov  

John Geisz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Email:  John.Geisz@nrel.gov  

Shoshana Nash, American Association for Crystal Growth 
Email: aacg@comcast.net  

David Vanderwater
Email: d.vanderwater@sbcglobal.net  

Robert Biefeld, Sandia National Laboratory 
Email: rmbiefe@sandia.gov  

Kris Bertness, National Institute of Standards 
Email: bertness@nist.gov

Tania Paskova, North Carolina State University
E-mail: tmpaskov@ncsu.edu 

Roger Qiu, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Email: qiu2@llnl.gov  

Catherine Caneau, Corning
E-mail:  CaneauCG@Corning.com  

Jeff Cederberg, Sandia National Laboratory 
Email: jgceder@sandia.gov  

Vince Fratello, Quest Integrated 
Email: vjfratello@gmail.com  

Russell Dupuis, Georgia Institute of Technology
Email:  dupuis@gatech.edu  

Kurt Gaskill,Naval Research Laboratory  
Email: gaskill@nrl.navy.mil  

Harry Niedecken, WirlNet Inc.
Email: h.niedecken@wirlnet.com    
Tom Kuech, University of Wisconsin 
Email: kuech@engr.wisc.edu  

Chris Wang, Lincoln Laboratory 
Email: wang@ll.mit.edu  

Mike Tischler, Cooledge Lighting 
Email: michael.tischler@cooledgelighting.com  

Simon Watkins, Simon Fraser University
Email: simonw@sfu.ca  

Balaji Ragothamachar, Stony Brook University
Email:   braghoth@notes.cc.sunysb.edu  

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