Topics and Invited Speakers

Energy storage and conversion
Biomineralization, bio-inspired materials and self-assembly
Low dimensional materials


Invited Speakers:
Jeff Derby, University of Minnesota 
Sang Han, University of Mexico
Ganesh Balakrishnan, University of New Mexico

This session broadly addresses fundamental aspects of nucleation, growth and crystallization.  Experimental, theoretical and/or computational contributions are sought which focus on the understanding of crystallization.  Experimental, theoretical and/or computational contributions are sought which focus on the understanding of basic principles that underlie crystal growth in a variety of settings, including (but not limited to) bulk crystal growth from solutions or melts, vapor deposition of thin films, colloid and nanoparticle assembly, and biomolecular crystallization.  Contributions that address methodological developments, experimental or computational, related to the study of crystal growth also are welcome.

Biomineralization, bio-inspired materials and self-assembly

Invited speakers:
Jong Seto, UC San Francisco
Steven Naleway, UC San Diego
Janet Oldak, USC
Kyle Naughton, UC Irvine

The objective of this symposium is to bring together researches from a diverse set of fields to discuss crystallization of a wide variety of biological and bio-inspired materials as well as self-assembly in biological systems.  The multidisciplinary sessions will focus on state of the art experimental strategies and theoretical approaches used by investigators to advance our fundamental understanding of crystallization processes.  Both classical and non-classical phenomena will be discussed.  Specific areas of interest will include crystallization of biological materials (minerals and soft matter) and bio-inspired crystallization/biomimetic synthesis.  Additional focus will include interactions at organic - inorganic interfaces, self-organizing systems, novel characterization methodologies, and multiscale modeling of crystallization within both natural and synthetic biomaterials.

Low dimensional materials

Invited speakers:
Cristian Ciobanu, Colorado School of Mines
Yung Joon Jung, Northeastern University
Oussama Moutannbbir, Polytechnique MOntreal
Alain Karma, Northeastern University
Jerry Tersoff, IBM​

This symposium focuses on fundamental and applied aspects of growth of low-dimensional crystalline systems, including ultra-thin films and 2D materials, nanowires/nanotubes/rods and quantum dots (QDs).  Systems of interest include metals, ceramics, semiconductors, electromagnetic materials such as crystalline metamaterials, photonic bandgap structures, and plasmic structures where the structural/functional properties are controlled in large extent by aspects related to crystal growth.  Theoretical, computational, and experimental contributions related to mentioned areas will be considered.
25th AACGE Western Section
June 12-15, 2016
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