27th AACGE Western Section
Conference on Crystal Growth & Epitaxy
Stanford Sierra Camp, Fallen Leaf Lake, CA
June 12-15, 2022
Organizers, Final Topic Announcements, and Invited Speakers will be updated as they are confirmed.

Non-classical mechanisms of crystallization and self-assembly  
Recent advances in imaging nucleation and growth at the microscopic scale indicate that crystals and other ordered structures can be built in many different ways. In the simplest cases, atoms or molecules add sequentially to ordered structures, but such “classical” mechanisms may be the exception rather than the rule. Ordered structures can also assemble hierarchically, via the addition of large sub-structures (or “clusters”), or experience large-scale internal rearrangements or phase transformations in the course of assembly. This session will explore experimental and theoretical approaches to understanding such “non-classical” mechanisms of crystallization and assembly.

Biological crystallization 
Crystallization or self-assembly of biological or biomimetic matters includes but not limited to: protein/peptide/peptoid/DNA assembly and functional studies, biological or biomimetic mineralization and materials and their applications.

Functional materials 
Fundamental aspects of nucleation, growth and crystallization in a wide range of functional materials. Experimental, theoretical and/or computational contributions are encouraged which address the interplay between crystal growth and functional properties of the crystals. These include growth in a variety of settings, including (but not limited to) bulk crystal growth from solutions or melts, vapor deposition of thin films, growth of low dimensional crystals such as nanowires/nanotubes and nanoparticles, colloid and nanoparticle assembly, and crystallization of biomaterials. Studies focused on properties of these as-grown crystals under a variety of external growth-related conditions are also welcome. The symposium also extends to contributions that address methodological developments, experimental or computational, related to the study of crystal growth of functional materials.

Fundamentals of crystal growth
This session is focused on recent developments in understanding the fundamentals of crystal growth from both theoretical and experimental perspectives. Among the topics of interest are deposition and surface diffusion, kinetic phenomena in capping layers, interfacial free energies and equilibrium crystal structure, faceting, nucleation, seed formation, twinning, aggregation, oriented attachment, and non-classical crystal-growth.
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